The word FAIR simply means beauty, pure and fresh, pleasing appearance, unblemished, just, reasonable, pretty, lovely, neat, and light while Atmosphere on the other hand describes the apparent mood of a person or an environment at a given time.

God expects every home to have a fair atmosphere for Him to dwell. We must also understand that He has given us all it takes to create and recreate. Therefore, you must be actively sensitive so that you don’t become captives.

You have the power to create the sort of atmosphere you want in your home: whether fair or foul.

A fair atmosphere brings good things to the family.For, wherever there is beauty, there is dignity but if you create a foul atmosphere, you can’t expect a good thing to happen.

Afoul atmosphere is not a conducive environment. Afoul atmosphere is created when we are far from God. It is an atmosphere of anger, bitterness and forgiveness.We must therefore, strive to create a fair atmosphere in order to get what we want in life.Gen 2:15

A husband must realize that whatever happens in the family is a product of his lifestyle.

Marriage is a beautiful institution ordained by God.

  • Couples must manage their imperfections effectively in order to get the celebration they desire in their homes.
  • What you make, will make you and what you mar, can mar you.
  • It will only take fatherhood to take you out of the wood.
  • Whatever you TOY with, will make you a TOY.
  • If you search and research, you will catch.

When you study the word of God always,it will come into you and create a FAIR atmosphere in your home thereby causing your marriage to become easy.




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